Create Your Own Wedding Collections Explained
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Thursday, February 22, 2018
By Muzik & Memories
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We have started to offer a new pricing system, and it can be a little confusing.  So, I decided to put this blog post together to hopefully explain it a little more in detail for you!

We will start with some frequently asked questions:

What is create your own collections?  Well, we have found over the years, that the collections we had in place already were not exactly what our brides were looking for.  Everyone would always want to add something, or take something out of them to make it exactly what they did want.  With create your own collections, you can put your own collection together, just the way you want it.  The only required items are your coverage hours, type of digital images, and your album.

Why is an album required?  We want you to have something tangible.  Something you can pick up and look at.  Something printed and bound as an heirloom that will last you a lifetime and more!  Something your children will be able to keep and look at with their children.

Do I have to get the album?  No, you do not.  You are more than welcome to use our A La Carte price list to pick and choose what you get from your wedding.

 You can download the priceliest here.

Now, let's create your collection!

Step #1:  Coverage Hours - This is a required step.  You will choose from 4, 6, 8 & 10 hours.  With our create your own collections, you get 2 photographers for your wedding day, and one creative session for no additional charge.  A creative session is an engagment, bridal, boudoir, day after, or trash the dress session.

Step #2:  Digital Files - This is a required step.  You get to choose from low resolution, which are printable up to 8x10 only, or high resolution, which can be printed in any size.

Step #3:  Album - This is a required step.  There are 3 types of albums you can choose from.

First is the Classic 8x8 Album - This album comes with a classic leather cover that can be embossed with your names and wedding date.  Pages lay flat and there is a minimal seam in the middle allowing for full spread pages.  There are 30 pages, no additonal pages can be added.


Second, is the Elegant 8x8 Album - You can choose from a glossy finish or canvas cover.  We start with 30 pages, however, you can add pages to this album for an additional charge.  This album will hold up to 80 pages.  This album has double weight, lay flat pages which allow for full spread images.  

The 3rd album choice is the Signature 10x10 Album.  This album starts with 40 pages and can be expanded to 80 pages for an additional charge.  The signature album will have a metal photo cover and double weight, lay flat pages.  The back of the album is leather (10 colors to choose from) which also wraps the front corners of the album.  This album will be part of your family for a very long time.

In step 4 you will choose pre-pay credits.  These are credits you can use for additional prints, albums, or cards.  

Step 5 includes albums you may choose to add-on.  The Parent albums are great for sharing with your parents and grandparents.  Each album can be custom made for each person it is intended for.  Each album starts with 20 pages.  For an additional fee, you can add up to 60 more pages!  Choose either 5x5 or 8x8.  Below are photos of this type of album.  

Step 5 also includes a 9x9 leather wrap album.  These unique albums come with either a brown rustic cover, or a black urban cover.  Album pages are art matte, and can have the edges hand torn or straight edge.  You may also choose to add a white border.  

In step 6, you can choose to add our DJ services!  4, 6, or 8 hours.  There are even options for our dance floor lighting!

There are additional upgrades available to your collection as well:

Become a client for life!  With this upgrade, you get a portrait session twice a year.  You can use this for your own headshots for work, couple's sessions, family, etc.

Get albums for your bridal party (up to 6 albums).  These albums are 5.5x7 or 6x6 in size.  They are soft cover with strong quality construction and brilliant colors.  They include 24 pages but can be expanded up to 140 pages for an additional fee.

You can add an 8x8 photo cover guest book.  This book will have pages of photos from your engagement session, and pages for your guests to leave well wishes.

You can also add more time.  If the package you chose did not turn out to allow for enough time, no worries!  Since I only book one wedding a day, I am available for you as long as you need me!

Choose to add a DVD slideshow.  Put photos together to music to show during your reception.  I even have a 100" screen and DVD projector you can rent.

A mobile album can be added to any tablet or smart phone.  You can even share it on Facebook!  The mobile album will have up to 40 images from your wedding.

Lastly, you can add a creative session.  Creative sessions are bridal session, boudoir, day after session, and trash the dress.  With a bridal session, you will have a session just for the bride.  This can be set up for a couple of weeks before the wedding, or after you get back from your honeymoon.  Boudoir sessions are done in my downtown studio.  A day after session is great for when you don't have a lot of time set aside for photos on ceremony day.  The bride and groom get to dress up again and have a session all to themselves.  No pressure to hurry up and get the reception!  This is where art happens.  Finally, a trash the dress session.  This is for the bride that does not want to preserve her dress.  Photos are more creative, as we are not worried about keeping the dress clean at all!  


I hope this outline helps with explaining our create your own collections.  There is pricing for the collections, and for A La Carte.  So, if you do not want to build a collection with an album or full digitals, you can pick what you do want.

Thank you!

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